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Finally there is an easy-to-use system built specifically for creating, editing and managing recipes with all of the feature-rich functionality that creative professionals crave.

Built-in Versioning Flavor Studio let's you look backward and forward at the entire development history of a recipe.
Recipe Costing With real-time costing you can view individual ingredient costs, total batch cost, and estimated retail pricing.
Sub-recipes Assemble component recipes into a main recipe and Flavor Studio will distribute accurate costing and nutrient composition
Ingredient groups Use this feature to combine and track a variety of similar ingredients (e.g., spices) into a single row in a recipe
Formulation method Flavor Studio lets users choose to formulate by either: Percentage, Quantity, or Baker's Percentage.
Fully customizeable Select the units of measurements (metric, standard, volume), set the number of decimal places (1, 2, 3), and many other options.

Nutritional Analysis

All users can generate FDA compliant nutritional labels directly in Flavor Studio without the need for other external software systems

Empower all users All Flavor Studio users receive access to these nutrition features - not limited to only a single shared computer
Layout formats Flavor Studio exports nutritional labels to: Vertical, Horizontal, Simplified, and Side-by-Side options
Artwork exports Choose between low resolution PNG files for internal review and high resolution PDF files for packaging designers
Automatic statements Ingredient declarations and allergen statements are automatically generated to save users time but also easily modified.

Project Management

Organize all aspects of a project's life cycle and foster collaboration with a company's most important resources - its people.

Create teams Assemble groups of people that will work together towards driving a project to successful completion.
File storage Secure cloud-based repository centralizes file storage for easy access to all project-related documents.
Monitor activities Task management provides clear visibility into a project's progress and helps to identify any roadblocks.
Message board Keep team member communication concisely organized in a single location and keep abreast of status updates.
Reminders Never miss an important upcoming deadline with courteous emails sent before tasks are due.


Arrive at your creative inspiration faster with Senspire's proprietary flavor predicting algorithm that reveals complementary relationships between food ingredients.

Unsurpassed breadth Trust results based upon the world's largest recipe database with over 1.1 million recipes.
Study underlying components Flavor Studio is compiling a comprehensive database of aroma and flavor compounds found in common foods.
NEW visual representation Test drive the beta graphical interface to explore food ingredient relationships in three-dimensional space.
Comprehensive ingredients Search the complete list of food ingredients with everything from abalone to zucchini.

Taste Test

Flavor Studio includes the framework to build convenient online surveys for companies to collective objective data and/or metrics to guide the product development process.

Respondents Choose anyone to participate without restrictions: other licensed users, fellow company employees or external customers (CLT)
Surveys Build sensory or consumer questionnaires depending on test objectives
Data analysis Visual reporting of results combines mean scores and modal distribution on simple to interpret infographics

Customer Relationship Management

Comprehensive CRM capabilities are built into Flavor Studio permitting front-line team to interact with R&D on a single software system to more effectively service customers.

Digitally connected Link sales opportunities to product development projects for seamless reporting.
Management visibility View opportunity sales pipeline and sales team activity reports.
Robust functionality Manage sample requests and track their shipping status with FedEx connectivity.
We'll build it Customizable reporting ensures visibility into the important metrics for each organization.